The LyteBeam® ConceptHow Rick Kramer folds light and water into building blocks for alternative shelters.

RickWhen it comes to creative design solutions founder Rick Kramer has been thinking WAY outside the box for years. Coca-Cola, General Motors and Nike are a few corporations that have benefitted from his talent in new product development.

Equieped with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and unflagging curiosity, Rick s projects reflect an uncommon approach to problem-solving.

His latest patent for the LyteBeam Home explores how solar panels and water can be folded into the walls of a hurricane and earthquake-resistant structure.

Rick designed the home in response to a challenge for immediate, affordable housingin Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

Many of the options he created for the home also sprang from his personal experience in Haiti.

Rick is interested in what you have to say about the LyteBeam®Home. Contact him to share your thoughts!